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October 26, 2016 / / general

Things have gotten rough, but I feel like I’m coming back up for air. So I wanted to point out a few important reminders while I can for anyone going through a similar story. To be fair, I may only be catching my breath in between waves (and the next one might be a big one with the holidays).

August 2, 2016 / / general
April 21, 2016 / / general

Groeningisms refer to the act of daily easter egg-like content that an audience comes to know and love. There’s something about that daily exercise. The daily act of coming up with something clever, or funny. Or, maybe not funny. Maybe something really devestaing—just dark, who cares?

December 22, 2015 / / general

Goal for 2016….know that the universe, for a short period in history, created a small blue planet capable of art, music, thought, war, pain, and suffering—and that it will all be forgotten in the grand scheme of things.