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Botfriendly? WTF does that even mean? Why robots?

The term “botfriendly” is a play on the term “user friendly.” I operate under the assumption that 99.9% of the population has figured out how to engage with each other like they were designed to. But, for some reason, I’ve always felt like I was missing a bit of code that makes it harder for me to do so. So, I tend to stand back and observe everyone else making it look very effortless. This “wallflower” effect makes me over-analyze human interactions. Hence my deep affection for robots, their steel hearts and cold exteriors are adorable, but they’re also always doing their best to fit in like the normal humanoids around them. There you go.


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I live in Utah, which is an interesting place: beautiful and complicated. I love the mountains, I do a fair bit of trail running, hiking, mountain biking, and that sort of thing. I worked in the outdoor industry for several years and continue to write for that field. But, Utah’s controversial side also finds its way into my writing. That whole “wallflower” thing I mentioned above means that I tend to put myself into strange situations where I don’t exactly belong. Which is great, because I’m a huge fan of Gonzo Journalism. So, you’ll see me write about my experiences here too. Oh, and I’m a photographer. So, I’ll try to link to those projects when I get to them.

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