10 reasons the Frary Peak Hill Climb is your must do Fall race

Registration just opened for this year’s Frary Peak Hill Climb Challenge, Oct. 17, and here’s the skinny: this is the little trail running time-trial you didn’t know you were missing. Full disclosure, I am completely, 100% biased towards this race because I shot it last year. And, it was amazing.

Last year's leader approaching the summit.
Last year’s leader approaching the summit.

I mean, have you ever seen the sunrise on that side of Antelope Island before? No?! What the heck is wrong with you?! It’s stunning. The light is golden. Seriously. The trail is epic. Narrow, winding ridgeline trail that serpentines its way to the peak and gives you a glimpse of the back of the island you’ve probably never seen before. It’s pretty cool. Plus, it’s short. I mean, don’t get me wrong—it’s freaking steep. But, the payoff is worth it, if you like the downhill.


Anyways. I know you’re doing that thing you do, where you’re like, “yeah, but I don’t know. What if I’m kinda lame, and I want to chicken out and not do it, and sit at home instead?” I gotcha. Don’t worry. I’m waaaaaay ahead of you. Here’s a quick list of the top 10 reasons the Frary Peak Hill Climb is your must do Fall race:

1. It’s the only 10K trail race in town. Well, one of very few.

Really. How often can you sign up for a trail race  that isn’t some ungodly distance in this town?

2. You get to summit a peak.

That’s just kind of cool all around. Plus, every time you look at the sunset, you’ll be looking at the little mountain top you conquered. (Or, you can give it the finger if you had a rough time that day, I don’t care.)

3. The views are…well, check it out.









4. The staggered start makes the experience unique.

Jim, the RD, starts 2 runners every minute. You won’t know what position you’re in until the end of the race. So, it adds an element of surprise. Just go out and enjoy the scenery.

5. Earl says hi.

Yes, the island is famous for it’s ornery Buffalo inhabitants. Which is a bit like stepping back in time to the Wild West. This fact is what drew Jim to the island in the first place. If you’re worried about the island’s residents, Jim has some advice. “Don’t worry, the Bison aren’t out to get you. Give them their space, and they’ll leave you alone.” Good advice, I reckon. “And,” he adds, “No selfies with the bison. It’s just not a good idea.”


6. You don’t have anything better to do.

Your laundry will get done another day. It’s October, the lawn doesn’t grow that fast this time of year. Give yourself one Saturday to do something special for yourself. Bring the kids out, they can run it too.

This kid is my hero.
This kid is my hero.

7. No, seriously. You really don’t. It’s a 10K. 

Really. It’s a 10K. It won’t take you all day.

8. This is Buffalo Run Adventure’s 10th year on the island. Come out and celebrate.

Pack a lunch, bring a cooler of frosty beverages and some lawn chairs. Make a day of it. Here’s a tip: bring out some binoculars and spend some time spotting runners on the peak. You’ll also get to see some of the island’s other inhabitants like coyotes, eagles, pronghorn and deer.

9. Beginners get a chance to experience amazing trail running experience.

Know someone who’d love to get into trail running? Or, have a friend who likes to hike, but not run? This is perfect. They won’t be left behind, and they’ll have a great time.

10. Best of both worlds: uphill climbing + downhill bombing

Some people are awesome at the uphills (jerks). They’re going to love the first half of this race. Others, like me, truly enjoy the descent. You get to have your cake and eat it, too.

So, there you go. Now you’re out of excuses. See you there!

Need more info? http://www.buffalorunadventures.com/frary-peak-hill-climb/# 


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