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Botfriendly is the alter-ego and profile of Lindsay Lauck, an SLC-based photographer and freelance writer/self-described gonzo journalist who works in the tech industry. Her past experience includes a mix of fashion, outdoor sports and general story-telling. Mostly, though, she’s busy trying new beers, talking about her dog, defending the oxford comma, and trying to pass as a human being.

June 24, 2016 / / gonzo journalism
April 21, 2016 / / general

Groeningisms refer to the act of daily easter egg-like content that an audience comes to know and love. There’s something about that daily exercise. The daily act of coming up with something clever, or funny. Or, maybe not funny. Maybe something really devestaing—just dark, who cares?

December 22, 2015 / / general

Goal for 2016….know that the universe, for a short period in history, created a small blue planet capable of art, music, thought, war, pain, and suffering—and that it will all be forgotten in the grand scheme of things.

November 27, 2015 / / gonzo journalism
November 25, 2015 / / gonzo journalism

Be brave. That’s all I can say. It sort of sucks. It’s not perfect. But try it. People are really afraid of loneliness. I think this is funny, actually. It’s not so bad, I think. I’m so lonely in my real life sometimes, I think I might die and no one will notice. But, in practice, when I travel with another person, I end up cranky. I like to spend 99% of the time inside of my own head anyway.

October 31, 2015 / / running
October 25, 2015 / / gonzo journalism
October 18, 2015 / / photography
September 27, 2015 / / gonzo journalism

Think I can’t spend 10 minutes in a room with you and find out what makes you tick? Try me. I love it. It’s secretly the best feeling. I love being able to get inside your head.

September 8, 2015 / / gonzo journalism

I’ll always think of the kids that no one took seriously back in 8th grade who could have done so much more if people had gotten over themselves. And, it will always make me panic just a little bit.